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Cloudpunk (2020) download torrent RePack by R.G. Mechanics

Release date: 2020
Genre: 3rd Person, Adventure, Action, Multiplayer, Simulator
Developer: ION LANDS
Publishing: ION LANDS, Maple Whispering Limited
Type of publication: SKIDROW stage release
Interface language: RUS|ENG|MULTi
Speech Language: ENG

OS: Windows 7 and higher x64
CPU: AMD FX-4300 / Intel i3-4130
Video card: AMD R9 285 / NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760
Hard disk space: 7 GB + 5 GB for installation

Your name is Rania. And today is your first night shift at Cloudpunk, a semi-legal delivery service from the vast city of Nivalis. This night you will visit everything from the Backbone to the majestic spires piercing the leaden sky. The danger is unknown to you, and there is no one faster than you in this city. In this story-oriented game, you will meet a lot of characters from different walks of life: androids, AI and unscrupulous representatives of the human race. Each of them has its own story, but this night in Nivalis everything will change.

Incredible cyberpunk - the city of the future: explore it on your own transport or on foot.
Uncover the secrets of huge corporations, hackers, and a crazed AI.
Meet the most diverse residents of the city and live their lives together with them.
Your decisions directly affect the fate of the people of Nivalis.
Find hidden places and items that will tell you more about this city.

Game version: 1.0

1-Mount the image using any emulator program.
2-Launch the installer.
3-Select the installation path, check two boxes - for automatic installation of the tablet and for displaying a shortcut on the desktop.
4-Messed up with the tablet-copy manually from the SKIDROW folder on the image.
5-Change the language by editing the steam_api.ini file manually. Change the string Language=english to Language=russian.
7-Save path: C:\Users\Name\AppData\LocalLow\ION LANDS\Cloudpunk


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