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No man's Sky (v 3.13 experimental 66033_(42974)+DLC) (2016) download torrent RePack by R.G. Mechanics

Release date: 2016
Genre: Action, Shooter, Simulation
Developer: Hello Games
Publishing: Hello Games
Type of publication: RePack
Interface language: RUS|ENG|MULTI14
Speech Language: RUS|ENG|MULTI13
Crack: Не требуется (DRM-Free от GOG)

OS: Windows 7/8.1/10 (64-bit versions)
CPU: Intel Core i3
Video card: nVidia GTX 480, AMD Radeon 7870
Hard disk space: 10.6 GB

No Man's Sky is a game with a completely open world where every star, every planet, every continent, every mountain, every tree and every pebble on the ground is procedurally generated. This means that the world is unique at every time it is created, and there are simply no boundaries for research. The game is a space exploration simulator, with many star systems, which are randomly generated. From the user it is required to study the found planets, their flora and fauna, interact with the environment. In space, battles with enemy flotillas and tasks for capturing criminals are expected. The main distinguishing feature of No Man's Sky, on which the authors repeatedly emphasized, is the scale. Space in the game is almost an immense space of hundreds of star systems. To the process of research was not dragged on for years, No Man's Sky made the online. Due to the size of the generated galaxy, travelers will rarely meet, but their discoveries, planets and other objects will be displayed on the map of the universe. Along with the planets, weapons and ships are procedurally generated. There are thousands of options for their creation. To maintain order in the universe No Man's Sky introduced a five-level system for tracing criminals. The higher the score, the more bounty hunters will be chased by the user's spacecraft. Exploring the planets, each of which has its own moon, the player will be able to significantly influence the environment, in fact changing its landscape.
Features repack:


Quantumrealm написал:
the game works but it is not in english please fix it.
Написано: 26 August 2020 05:41 | Ответить | | | |
Bluesman007 написал:
You needed to select ENG at the start of the installation menu. Reinstall it again and do this.
Написано: 8 October 2020 16:25 | Ответить | | | |
Bluesman007 написал:
This game link to download and install game does work 100%. It will also download and have a separate language folder to run and select any language you need incl ENG as the game will start off in Russian text.
Написано: 13 October 2020 14:29 | Ответить | | | |
Vvv написал:
I downloaded files but installation stops exactly at 2.7 percentage i tried installation by turning offanti virus
Написано: 3 December 2020 20:11 | Ответить | | | |
Marco написал:
Its not working, installation stop at 2.7 percent and crashes.....
tryed multiple times....
Написано: 15 December 2020 17:03 | Ответить | | | |
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