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Need for Speed: Underground - Dilogy (2003 l 2004) download torrent RePack by R.G. Mechanics

Release date: 2003 l 2004
Genre: Arcade, Racing
Developer: EA Games
Publishing: Softclub
Type of publication: RePack
Interface language: RUS, ENG
Speech Language: RUS, ENG
Crack: Sewn

OS: Windows XP (SP3), Windows Vista (SP2), Windows 7
CPU: 1700 MHz l 1.3 GHz
RAM: 256 MB (512 MB Win2К/XP)
Video card: 64 MB
Hard disk space: 2 GB l 3 GB

The world of illegal races on night streets. The world of bright cars. The world of extraordinary personalities. A world of colossal prize money for the winners ... What is this money spent on? Of course, to your favorite car, to her and only to her! A new game from the famous series Need for Speed ​​will allow you to realize the most cherished dream of any avid motorist: to make from a standard coffin on wheels a super-fast beauty, a double of which is not found all over the world! Become the best of the best at the wheel of the best car!
The world bestseller in 2003 - sold more than 5.5 million copies of the game!
The game features dozens of production cars from corporations such as Mitsubishi Motors, Toyota, Subaru, Ford and many others specially modified for street racing.
Features repack:


Datski написал:
it's a very good game
Написано: 12 July 2019 20:13 | Ответить | | | |
Ednei Filho написал:
It is asking for the CD. How do I crack it, please?
Написано: 5 December 2019 16:38 | Ответить | | | |
Panagiotis Danalatos написал:
I have 2 problems. 1st Every time I was playing it at some point it suddenly stopped. I think it not the graphics because I have more demanding games and they are fine also I put the lowest resolution settings in the game it happened again. 2nd I was trying to find a solution I downloaded something then I completely uninstalled the thing I downloaded and now it asks for CD 2. Any ideas?
Написано: 16 February 2020 17:58 | Ответить | | | |
Rares Gamer написал:
When I click download it downloads need for speed 2016 instead... help
Написано: 1 November 2020 20:02 | Ответить | | | |
Kyle написал:
Don't you just LOVE anti computer censorship? All the good downloads are gone now but the companies LOVE you to play mobile phone crap or the same FPS games over and over and over and over.
Написано: 18 November 2020 15:58 | Ответить | | | |
ares написал:
it doesnt download the nfs underground dilogy but the 2016 game torrent instead, please put back the original download
Написано: 23 November 2020 15:44 | Ответить | | | |
Stanciu Andrei написал:
And also please put back need for speed hot pursuit 2010.The version from this site was perfect.
Написано: 3 December 2020 00:17 | Ответить | | | |
Vikas Pahuja написал:
Написано: 6 March 2021 10:03 | Ответить | | | |
raju nalangi написал:
raju nalangi
Написано: 6 March 2021 10:05 | Ответить | | | |
edo написал:
Underground 2, error, please fix, need CD2 insert
Написано: 30 April 2021 14:26 | Ответить | | | |

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